What was wanted was a beautiful, high-quality piece of furniture for the entrance area next to the open kitchen of a narrow wooden row house. The furniture was to fulfil several functions:

* wardrobe
* shoe cupboard
* bench
* storage space
* food storage

All this with minimal space consumption.

The sum of the requirements resulted in an abstract piece
of furniture in the sense of a "mountain hut", which fits perfectly into the given situation and
conveys the theme of a "wooden house".


* The entire carcase, including the rear wall, is not made of conventional chipboard, but of solid blockboard.
* The inserted seat niche is completely made of living solid wild oak, brushed and oiled.
* The circular holes in the doors are not only attractive "mountain hut decor", but also functional ventilation holes for the two food cupboards.
* Cleanly set joint grid with proportions in the golden section.


MSM Messe Service Merkhoffer GmbH
Designer Georg Trengler

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